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There are a lot of people looking for space while at the same time there are a lot of empty spaces. The times of temporary usage of spaces seem to be over due to speculations of real estate companies. Spaces can be rented/bought for high prices while long-term residents are being displaced.

Needs and questions arising from this situation are:

  1. How could people who want to share a space and have been around in the neighbourhood find new spaces to live/work and peers who search for the same?
  2. How could we build a trustworthy network that offers shelter for homeless? Could we build temporary shelter e.g. on the Tempelhofer Feld? Hartz IV Möbel?

There are some approaches that go in that direction:

Impossible Living

Manifetso Trieste

What else do you know that happens either in Schillerkiez, Berlin or the world? Share your experiences, ideas, suggestions and be part of the change.