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The diversity of people who live in the neighbourhood with their skills, tools and knowledge is what can make the community thrive. What is it you could contribute and in what kind of a structure could this be offered? First ideas that arose from my own toolbox are here as basis for discussion.

SOCIAL BUSINESS: production of local specialities linked to craft (goldsmithing, sewing, knitting, carpentry, pottery…) and food (cooking, baking, gardening, marmelade, pickles…). Building a unique selling point and a label such as made in Schillerkiez to emphasize the local production.

SPACE RENTAL: Desk, Workshop, Room by hour (Yoga, Meditation…), Room by day (Photography, Workshops, Seminars…)

COMMUNITY SPACE: exhibitions, hang out, communication, meeting point, kitchen,

I am dreaming of a community where we are teaching, sharing, learning, networking, making, producing, being sustainable and self-sufficient.